Top 4 Must Read Books for New & Aspiring Real Estate Investors

Readers are leaders. You can measure a man by the size of his library. We’ve all heard the clichés. And you know what? They’re true. The pattern repeats itself everywhere you look. Yes, there are exceptions (Gary Vee is self-admittedly one). But generally speaking, successful people read books. Real estate investors are no exception, nor […]

Three Keys to Conducting Yourself and Your Business With Integrity

Integrity needs to be at the core of every successfully functioning group, system, or community. From the world to the country, from the state to the town, all the way down to the most important building blocks of society, the family unit and the individual. It all works best when everything manifests from a place […]

Build Your Perseverance Muscle!

Perseverance is a unique characteristic. There is no downside to having “too much” perseverance. Other positive traits can become flaws if they get out of control, but such is not the case with perseverance. In fact, it seems to be a skill that only gets better with age. People who have a lot of perseverance […]

Are you another greedy real estate investor?

Everyone’s greedy. You’re all selfish.  I’m going to be brutally honest with you here and not sugar coat it. Nothing is ever really self-less. But you can be selfish and still do good things. If I had a business mantra, that would be it. Especially in the real estate industry. Help others get what they […]

Two words. People first.

I can sum up my real estate company’s philosophy—our fundamental beliefs—in two words. People first. We’re not in the business of buying and selling houses. We aren’t in the business of investing. We’re in the problem-solving business. More specifically, we’re in the business of solving problems for homeowners by leveraging our experience and network to […]